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International Harvester Farmall Model ‘H’

“Farmall”… the name itself conjures an image of the quintessential farm tractor. The Farmall ‘H’ – class tractor was introduced in 1939. It was one of the first projects of industrial designer Raymond Lowey , who was hired to restyle the entire International Harvester line. Lowey was also famous for styling the Pennsylvania Railroad’s GG-1 electric locomotive, as well as the rakish Studebaker car styling of 1953 and the paint scheme for Air Force One, first introduced in 1962. Lowey’s use of smooth contours and bright red sheet metal make even a 1939 Farmall look completely modern 7 decades later. Production continued until 1953 with nearly 400,000 units sold.

The Museum owns a Farmall Model H tractor that was manufactured in 1941. It is a classic “row-crop” tractor with dual front wheels. The large rear wheels have rubber tires which are filled with a sodium chloride solution to add weight to the machine for better traction. Each rear wheel weighs in excess of 600 lbs. The tractor itself with the added tire weight tips the scales at about 6,700 lbs ! Serial No. FBH78486. Operational. It has been completely restored to its original factory appearance.