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Pennsylvania Railroad Standard Scale House

Circa 1905 (Replica)

“Scale Houses” were most often situated on the outskirts of railroad yards or junctions so that loaded freight cars could be weighed on their way out. They were also found at points where bulk shipments originated, such as large breweries, grain elevators and coal yards. A Weigh Scale Operator would man the measuring device located inside the building. The scale itself would be situated beneath the track that passed directly in front of the structure.

Pennsylvania Railroad Scale House, Northumberland, PA
Photo by: Michael Hauk (1978)
Pennsylvania Railroad Scale House,
Mt. Union, PA
Photo by: Jack Consoli (1983)

This replica of a Pennsylvania R.R. Scale House is based on a P.R.R. 1905 Standard Plan. It is actually two feet longer than an original 13-foot long structure would have been, and has an extended roof line on its front face. It was built in 2004 by Whippany Railway Museum Trustee, Earle H. Gil, and currently serves as the Museum’s Ticket Office.