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What is the Difference Between Club Car, Coach Car and Caboose Car Seating

Lackawanna #2454 Car Seating

The DL&W club cars dated from 1912, the former Delaware Lackawanna & Western (DL&W) MU Subscription Club Car No. 2454 was used by a private commuters club whose members were a ” whose-who” of Wall Street senior leaders and heavy duty political figures from the NJ. It features rattan seats, card tables, stained-glass windows & mahogany walls

CNJ ‘Jersey Coast’ Club Car Seating

The Club car is a restored 1927 First Class coach car with individual leather seats, mahogany interior accented with stained glass, built-in-tables, carpeting and period ceiling fans and holds 45 passengers.

Coach Car

The Coach Cars are retired NJ Transit Comet 1 commuter coaches built in the early 1970’s. These brushed aluminum coaches feature built in Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning and electronically operated passenger doors. The car seats approximately 100 people, with half facing one end of the car and half facing the other. Please note that this seating option is only available on the Easter Bunny Express trains.

Caboose Car

The Whippany Railway Museum has several cabooses that we use on our excursion trains. They range in age up to 100 years old. There are two basic models, the familiar cupola caboose with its distinctive “bubble top” as seen in the right hand picture, and the bay window version with its extended windows on the sides. Each caboose holds approximately 15 passengers. Please note that this seating option is not available on the Easter Bunny Express trains.