Engines & Powered Rail Equipment

Southern Railway Steam Locomotive No. 385
Whitcomb Switcher
Fireless Cooker 0-4-0F Steam Locomotive No. 7240
M&E Railbus No. 10
M&E Section Gang Car No. TC-1


Erie-Lackawanna No. C-177
D&H No. 35886
PRR Cabin Car No. 981590
PRR Cabin Car No. 477823
D&H Bay-Window Caboose No. 35730
Erie Lackawanna Bay-Window Caboose No. C372
M&E Caboose No. 1
Central Railroad of New Jersey Caboose No. 91529
NYS&W Caboose No. 0112

Passenger Cars

Central Railroad of New Jersey Coach #1001
Lackawanna Subscription Club Car #2454
Central Railroad of New Jersey Jersey Coast Club Car
Erie Lackawanna/NJ DOT Comet I Commuter Coaches

Rail Equipment

Lackawanna Mail Storage Car #2037
Our Handcars
URTX Ventilated Refrigerator Car #50056

Vintage Equipment and Displays

KB-5 Coal Delivery Truck
Fordson Model ‘F’