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Lifetime Membership Celebration

At the Annual Meeting of the members of the Whippany Railway Museum on February 12th, two of our most loyal, hard-working and extremely talented members were honored by being elevated to Life Membership. Their names were added to a newly-created plaque which will be placed in the Museum building for all to see.
Terence Mulligan and Alan Wishengrad are only the second and third individuals at WRyM to have been honored with Life Membership – the first was given to the late Charlie Berkemeyer back in 2013. Terence can be seen being congratulated by Museum Vice-President Joe Krygoski during the Annual
Meeting on Feb. 12th. The photo of Alan was taken on Wednesday, Feb. 15th inside the Museum building. A photo of Charlie Berkemeyer is also
included and dates from June 11, 2001. Finally, a detail photo of the plaque with the first three names is also included. Congratulations !