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Ford Model '2N'

Ford Tractor sign

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This two-tone gray and red-painted, semi-streamlined tractor was built in 1946. It is an “offspring” of the Ford 9N which was produced from 1939 – 1941.


The production of the 9N-class tractor was a joint venture between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson. Commonly known as the Ford – Ferguson tractor, Harry Ferguson designed the 3-point hitch and hydraulic system while Ford's engineers designed and built the tractor and made it all work together.


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The '9' was for the year 1939, and 'N' was Ford's designation for 'tractor' Early in 1942 amid wartime material shortages, Ford soon realized if tractors were to be built at all they would have to be produced without electrical components and rubber tires. The new, stripped-down tractors were designated 2N ('2' for 1942). The first 2N tractors were built with steel wheels and magneto ignitions and had to be started with a hand crank because they had no battery or starter. In-mid 1942 Ford was able to convince the government that the tractor was as important to the farm back home as the other war products were, and restrictions were relaxed. The 2N's were then built with starters, batteries and rubber tires. For the next several years into 1947, few changes were made to the 2N. The tractor was doing very well in sales and Ford engineers were busy designing the new 8N tractor that would be introduced in 1948.



Although this is a 2N-class tractor, it carries a 9N serial number. There are no 2N serial numbers; all 2N Ford tractors retained the 9N serial numbers.



This tractor weighs 2,500 lbs, and is known as a “high-crop” model, having its front wheels spread far apart in line with the rear tires. Serial No. 9N215988. Operational. Restoration in progress.


Introduction | FORDSON Model 'F' |
International Harvester Farmall Model 'H' |
Ford Model '2N' | Case Model 'VAC-12' |


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