Photographer: Carl Perelman

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The Morristown & Erie's Maintenance-Of-Way (MOW) workers depended on a series of motor cars throughout the first half of the last century to assist them in making repairs to the track, roadbed, and maintenance of facilities. Around 1956 the M&E received it's brand new, Fairmont A6-F Heavy Duty Section Gang Car , which was destined to serve its owners for nearly 47 years.



Over the decades the Gang Car could be seen traveling up and down the 11 miles of track owned by the M&E, towing its trailer loaded with replacement crossties, spikes and other work equipment. During those years the Gang Car was present at the scene of many work projects and wore a varity of paint scemes.


By the early 2000's, the Morristown & Erie Railway had expanded its fleet of Hy-Rail Vehicles to such an extent that its little Fairmont was no longer needed. The decision was made to retire the car and in April 2004, the Morristown & Erie Railway ran the Gang Car (renumbered TC-1, for "Track Car 1", in the 1980's) under its own power to Whippany where it was placed on display at the Whippany Railway Museum where visitors can view yet another piece of New Jersey Railroad History that is directly related to the area it served for so long.


Photographer: Carl Perelman

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